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From concept to working application with wide user engagement TC Data supports the entire Power BI application life cycle, from concept to user onboarding. We know that project success requires both a well-featured platform and wide user adoption. Therefore, we ensure perfect alignment with business needs and first-class practical trainings.
Power BI Dashboards
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Power BI QuickStart Trainings
We help you
Understand your business and analyze current data ingestion to build the best reporting model
Bring data together for analytics and handle all necessary integration with existing systems and applications
Develop Power BI-based reporting that perfectly meets your business needs
Customize your dashboards to maximize decision-driven results
Create state-of-the-art User Experiences
Deliver quick and easy trainings to ensure full user engagement
Build advanced custom solutions on top of Power BI using top-nothch front-end know-how
Establish long-term support frameworks to meet all current and future needs using scalable teams of Power BI developers
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