Strategic Consulting & Solution Assessment
We stand for the technology agnostic approach and bring in unique experience in cloud-based data storage architecture. This way we advise on the optimal technology choice and combine both on-premise and cloud Data Warehouse infrastructure ensuring the best fit to actual business needs and company strategic goals.
The recommendations we provide are based on the analysis of several alternative on premise and cloud architectures.
Full integration and support for leading IT platforms

Why TC Data

We base our Data Warehousing solutions on key strategic business drivers
Technology independency
Top-notch data processing
Time & cost – efficiecy
We have no obligation to use any specific technology. We design solutions driven purely by the client’s priorities and business goals.
As recognized experts in BI solutions, we leverage the in-depth BI knowledge, skills, and experience to design Data Warehouses that are smoothly integrated into business ecosystems.
Our top-class project management teams, equipped with cutting edge tools, ensure effective, timely, and cost-efficient delivery of Data Warehouses to global clients. The quality and quantity of data processing is governed by the built-in automated control processes that ensure the highest standards at reasonable prices.
From Data Warehouse to Data Lake
Support for complex and Multi-technology data infrastructure
We fully understand the complex environments of fast growing, large enterprise data infrastructures. Often multi-technology and managed by multi-providers, they must constantly support crucial data-driven decision processes every day. We know how to perfectly fit to these challenges, bringing in new value with our unique adoption-driven approach in delivering Data Warehousing and Data Lakehouse projects. At the same time, we follow our proven delivery model, which allows to implement tangible improvements without breaking business reporting continuity, with seamless transition from old legacy systems to new solutions.
Consulting on Data strategy and Data management
We support architectural considerations aimed at empowering companies with advanced analytics as well as proper data strategy and management. We have proven expertise and experience in delivering required end-to-end capabilities to take full advantage of all data types. We are experts in both building traditional Data Warehouses and Data Lakehouse both on cloud and on premise.

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